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Lessons For Failed Politician Dr.Sama Banya (Puawui) Turn Coat Master
Posted by Rev. Dr. Paul Amara on Oct 5, 2007, 02:33

(Editor’s note- This article is published unedited) What a shame and a disgust to hear from a man of the past still meddling in the politics of a country whose citizens have simply said enough is enough. Does Sama Siama Banya think that this new Sierra Leonean agenda will be dismayed and undermined? Does he think that the new Sierra Leonean generation will proliferate with idiots and political prostitutes like him? Does he think that we are still in that era of ‘dis na mi fambul?’ Does he think that the resources of the country belong to nefarious political gangsters like him?

It is very hurtful to read an article from Puawui damning the hard work done by peace-loving and patriots of the land that we dearly love. Sama Siama Banya should at least consider his age and deteriorating health conditions, when he makes statements such as, "because of the prevailing climate change, no iceberg is strong enough to break up the SLPP cruiser. Our crew was rescued and is in the process of regrouping," I definitely have all the rights to finally loose all confidence in this old and weird man. This actually makes me come to the realization that we were seriously misled for the many years that he evolved in the political atmosphere of Sierra Leone. How could a man like him make such statement? I have always thought that he would learn a lesson.

If these are still his thoughts, then I’m really sorry for him. I don’t think that the reformed country of Sierra Leone needs a personality like Puawui in its political arena anymore. We need progress and stability. We need to surge forward with development and integrity.

I still remember those days when we were growing up as kids and were hearing the names of diabolic politicians like Sama Siama Banya and ET el. Those were the days when those guys were highly admired though not for their performances, but for the way they displayed in their constituencies. I can still recall the short time Sama Siama Banya acted as Head of Sate of the country, when the then President Siaka Stevens left the country for abroad. Instead of Ngor Banya to prove himself worthy of the job, he organized a large convoy to visit Kailahun, the place he calls his home, to show the citizenry of that township the powers that were bestowed upon him. I was still in primary (elementary) school. Poor students toed the lines under very hot sun for many hours to welcome the country’s number one gentleman. Too much of show-offs.

The thing that I have come to struggle with is the lack of humane feelings that a man like Puawui had and he still continues to have for the people he calls his own. This man can boast of nothing worthy that he did for Kailahun. He has contributed immensely to the destruction of not only Kailahun but the entire country. It was under the leadership of Sama Siama Banya as the Minister of Foreign Affairs that he had the guts to appoint his very incapable and inexperienced relatives to very sensitive positions of power.

The appointment of Melrose Kai-Banya as Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to a very sensitive mission with countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European bloc was a very expensive joke and sabotage to the entire country of Sierra Leone. This is a woman who has no morals. She has abandoned her husband Mr. Eddy Banya for reasons known only to her. In her capacity serving in that position and treating her spouse in that manner, it is a disgrace to all Sierra Leoneans who happen to find themselves in that part of the world. What she has done and continues to do in Moscow is another whole story. I wonder if Pa Kabbah had any control over Sama Siama Banya. I say this simply because Ngor Banya took upon himself to influence and distort the smooth running of the state. Another appointment he influenced was the position of his sibling Martin Banya as the Deputy Minister of Education. What a heck did this guy think? These people keep languishing in the wilderness for lack for experience and expertise to administer. Melrose Kai-Banya does not even know simple diplomatic norms. She has used her position as the country’s ambassador to expedite the travel of her family and other relatives to North America and other European countries. The saddest thing about this all is that this Ambassador abused the authority given her for the protection of Sierra Leonean citizens by arranging for their forceful repatriation to Sierra Leone even when she knew that it was unsafe for people to return home. On top of that, she misused state funds with her unnecessary travels all around the globe at the expense of the tax payer’s money. I wonder what other dubious activities would be going on in that embassy in Moscow. I am not the judge in this case. I am just a concerned Sierra Leonean who wishes to see development in my country. It is the same dirty games that Sama Siama Banya continues to play in the politics of Kailahun and the entire Sierra Leone. He continues to manipulate for the attainment of his siblings. In this past legislative election, he went all out to force if not rig the Kailahun constituency 1 elections by interfering into people’s decision to elect yet another of his sibling Alice Mamie Banya (Foyah) into a position of power as that constituency’s parliamentarian. What development is she going to bring to the people when she does not even understand the people she is representing? Sama Siama Banya, the people of Sierra Leone have closed your chapter in the country’s politics. You are one of those people who brought down your party. You have contributed greatly to the backwardness and downfall of Sierra Leone. How do you feel when Sierra Leone is rated second to the last in the world in terms of development? What a shame on you. You are worth nothing to the development of this nation. You are advised to please refrain from inflammatory statements in the country’s political affairs. Please shut up! You are now man of the past. 

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