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Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Koroma Fires 50th Anniversary Committee Chairman
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Posted by on Feb 1, 2011, 20:34

Following the meeting held at State House on Monday this week between President Ernest Bai Koroma and members of the 50th Anniversary Committee, State House has announced that the Chairman of the committee, Dr. William Konteh has been sacked and replaced by Professor Cecil Magbaily Fyle.

Legal Suit Expected..Acting NRA Boss Haja Kallah, Others to be Squeezed
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Posted by on Nov 18, 2010, 20:14
Acting NRA Boss Haja Kallay.....She is Part of the Same Soup
Mr. Joseph K.S.Agyepong, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of about thirty six progressive and viable companies, including the Jospong Printing Press in Ghana is very enthusiastic in doing business in Sierra Leone. As one of the most strategic and prominent stakeholders of the Ghana economy

Popular Sierra Leone Comedian Lord Bongo Jonson and Wife Dead in Possible Murder-Suicide
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Posted by Sanpha Sesay Texas Correspondent on Jul 19, 2010, 20:46
The Body Of Lord Bongo Johnson being taken Away by Officers from the Coroner's Office
News break up this morning in the city of Dallas Fort-Worth in Texas about the tragic death  of popular Sierra Leonean  comedian, Godfrey Manley-Spain, Aka, “Lord Bongo Johnson” and his partner, Claudia at their residence in Mesquite

Revealed! Sierra Leone Government Takes Over Disputed Yenga Next Month
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Posted by on Aug 2, 2009, 14:16
President Ernest Koroma...Keeping to his Promise to Forge Mutual Relations With Guinea
Diplomacy seems to be yielding positive result over the Yenga issue between the Sierra Leone Government and the Junta regime in Guinea – Conakry.  The result, which has been predicted by government sources to be a success story would lead to a grand celebration to be witnessed by the two sides (Guinea and Sierra Leone)

FBC Lecturers in Sex-For-Grades Scandal
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Posted by Mustapha Sesay on Jul 20, 2009, 15:10
The Head of the Attitudinal and Behavioral Change Programme, Mr. Philip Conteh on Friday disclosed that a group of  reckless and undeserving lecturers at the University of Sierra Leone precisely Fourah Bay College

SLPP Convention Ends in Chaos in Sierra Leone.....As Delegates Took To Their Heels
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Posted by on Jan 31, 2009, 18:57
Solomon Berewa During 2007 Elections....Time To Put The Part y in Order...Violence is not the Answer
Unprinted languages, disrespect for elders, violent behaviours, pelting and throwing of stones and other deadly items here and there characterized the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) regional convention in Kenema on Saturday  31st January, 2008. The atmosphere was transformed into a jungle field where men, women and children ran helter skelter to save their lives and their loved ones.

State House Crony Bags $149,000 Spare Parts Contract At National Power Authority
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Posted by on Jan 15, 2008, 04:11

Some of her colleagues called her the freaky girl, others say she a “high timer lucky woman” but she addresses herself as “State House Baby” who can “go for it” and “get it at once”.Ramatu Kamara, an employee of NASSIT in the research section now pays more time in her underground deal in getting contract directly from State

Gas Explosion In The Heart Of Freetown.....15 Dead Over 14 in Critical Condition
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Posted by on Dec 21, 2007, 12:40

Vice president Sam Sumana at the scene of the incident
Over 15 people have been confirmed dead and 14 more in critical condition after series of gas explosions rocked the central business district of Freetown in the afternoon hours today Thursday December 20 2007.
Reports say butane tanks stored at a merchandise shop owned by a Lebanese merchant in Free Street exploded sending fragments and debris in the area.

President Kabbah Orders SLPP Tejan Sie and Others To Stop Injunction
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Posted by on Sep 16, 2007, 17:18

Breaking news reaching Standard Times from the Presidential Lodge  Hill Station in Freetown, Sierra Leone states that President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah has ordered SLPP stalwarts including Sulaiman Banja-Tejan to immediately halt the process to get an injunction to stop NEC Chairperson Dr Christiana Thorpe from reading the final Presidential run-off results

Assasination Attempt on APC Presidential Candidate Ernest Koroma....Tom Nyuma and Two Others Detained in Bo District
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Posted by David Mahdi Koroma on Jul 23, 2007, 02:36

APC Presidential Candidate Ernest Koroma with some of his party stalwarts
Reports reaching Standard Times from the Southern Provincial town of Bo indicated that the former National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) Resident Secretary of State, Eastern province ex-Lt. Col. Tom Nyuma and two others have been arrested in connection with an alleged assassination attempt on the life of the All Peoples Congress Presidential candidate Ernest Koroma.

Coup d’état Alarm....Pastor Cautions Against Imminent 2007 Elections Outcome
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Posted by on May 30, 2007, 22:52

The pending elections in Sierra Leone have not only been the most serious cause for concern amongst the populace but also the most talked about its realities and the future outcomes.One such group that has distinguished itself in discussing, monitoring and praying for a good outcome of the polls on August 11 is the clergy in the country led by various Christian denominational sects.

Pres Kabbah Is Alive and Kicking.....Kanja Sesay
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Posted by on Apr 7, 2007, 14:05
Pres Kabbah...alive and kicking
Rumours being spread around in the diaspora and also in the capital of Sierra Leone,Freetown that President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah is dead are not  true according to the Commissioner of National Commission for Social Action(NaCSa) Mr Kanja Ibrahim Sesay.Speaking to Standard Times Press on the phone Mr Sesay said he visited the President  the afternoon of Saturday 14 April at State House Lodge ,Hill Station and that "Pa Kabbah" as he refferred to him is safe and sound."Why people are spreading this malicious rumour beats my imagination"He said the President has just recently returned from a West Africa tour and he is an excellent shape." He is still going strong and their is no cause for alarm"

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