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APC Endorses Ernest Koroma As Chairman,Leader and Presidential Candidates For 2012
Apr 19, 2009, 11:44

Ernest Koroma...Endorsed As Chairman,Leader and Presidential Candidates For 2012
Sierra Leone's 11-year civil war left thousands dead and maimed and the country's infrastructure in ruins. It is assumed that the affairs in the West African state called Sierra Leone may now be on the road to recovery after a democratic transfer of power in September 2007, when Ernest Bai Koroma was elected President of Sierra Leone in a presidential run-off elected that left Solomon Ekuma Berewa of the SLPP in the cold. But in a country that has scarce natural resources and a history of corruption among its officials, it's unclear which befitting response Ernest Bai Koroma’s victory would adopt.

The 2007 election was fought by all the candidates with all vigor, political skills and money. The ruling SLPP was very optimistic of re-clinching political victory after eleven-year in governance, but this was not possible and Ernest Bai Koroma won by a vast majority. Ernest Bai Koroma prior to the 2007 election had suffered humiliation, public attack and other forms of embarrassment from some members of his party and tribesmen. It was not an easy exercise for him to go through.

In an attempt to repair the image of the country in the minds of its people and the international community, the new leadership has legislated several laws, enforcing the fight against corruption, the Gender and Children Act and a number of others. The aim of all these is not only to improve the status quo of the country, but to go in for the second time. This will depend on the approval of his party, the APC to give him the green light to contest the 2012 election.

Last week, in the Northern Headquarter Town of Makeni, the first objective of President Ernest Bai Koroma was achieved when at a party convention he was overwhelmingly endorsed as Chairman, Leader and Presidential Candidate of the, which now qualifies him to contest the 2012 election. The endorsement means no other person is eligible within the APC party to contest for the leadership and presidential position until 2017, when his two terms in office will expire that is, if he wins the 2012 election.   It would be recalled that in President Koroma’s inauguration speech at the National Station he promised to restore basic utilities such as electricity, water supply and others. President Koroma admitted that poor accessibility to such resources can be tied to the decade-long civil war promised to change the trend, but needs helping hand from the people of this country in healing this wounded nation.


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